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Nutritious School Lunches

subsidiary to Vicky Bishop Catering, a high-profile, gourmet catering company of 20 years here on the Rock. 

We have catered for Loreto Convent School's lunches for many years, together with our team of consultant nutritionist and chefs, taking meals to a new level... healthy, homemade meals using health supportive cooking techniques.

Now catering for numerous nurseries and schools in Gibraltar. 

Our Mission - A simple Concept 

Share our Passion for delicious, fresh food.

Provide balanced nutritional meals. 

Use seasonal and local ingredients where possible. 

cook from scratch. 

Work with fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Use health supportive cooking techniques to maximise on nutritional value and taste. 

Boost the immune system. 

Heighten concentration. 

Alkalise and preserve the nutritional value of meals. 

How we do this 


Incorporating fresh and seasonal vegetables and pulses into meals - initially hidden, we provide a great source of fibre to support the digestive system, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to boost the immune system.


By ensuring good quality protein and minimising on sugar content in our food we can help balance blood sugar levels. This will aid in maintaining high levels of concentration throughout the afternoon.


By avoiding processed foods where possible, we can reduce salt and sugar which are acid forming. Focusing on fresh fruit and vegetables which are alkalising for the body.


With the use of health supportive cooking techniques we can preserve the nutritional value of meals. eg, oven baking rather then frying and steaming rather then boiling.

"I have developed an interest in healthy eating and cooking techniques. Having children with dietary requirements has forced me to explore the world of Health conscious cooking and nutrition.


Last year qualifying as a Health Supportive Chef in New York and this year as a Vegan Fusion Chef in Paris, taking on the Loreto School lunches seemed a natural progression in my work with food and raising awareness and encouragement of healthy cooking and eating."

Pre-School Kids

Homemade pizza with carrot batons.


Chicken and butterbean meatballs in roast vegetable tomato sauce with chopped spaghetti.


Cottage pie with buttered carrots and peas.


Breaded fresh fish goujons, whipped potato puree and fresh sweetcorn kernels.  

First & Middle School 

Roast BBQ chicken, oven baked potato and sweet potato mix, cherry tomato salad. 

Stir-fried noodles with chicken and vegetables - this dish has been an instant hit! 

Meatballs in mild curry yellow lentil and apple sauce (blitzed to a smooth consistency) with rice and steamed courgettes

Menu Examples

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