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Local fresh cuisine for everyone


Hi welcome to Vicky´s Kitchen cookery classes. These classes are based around dishes on the tv programme for easy entertaining with classic basic and intermediate cookery skills integrated in the classes."


Having trained as a Health Supportive Chef in New York in 2012 Vicky also now offers Health Supportive and Special Diets Cookery Classes. She is also trained to teach Vegan Cuisine in Paris in 2013 with a leading Vegan Chef from the US.

"Learn how to pan-fry fish, braise meats, roast vegetables and make salsas and sauces to take your entertaining to the next level. As well as handy tips on advance preparation and cooking so you can enjoy your guests and family on the day. With 25 years catering experience I can show you how to adapt chef techniques for a busy household. These courses are comprised of 3 to 4 sessions."

If you are interested please get in touch with me for details.

I also offer one to one lessons in the comfort of your own home based around your tastes and level of skills.

Vicky hosts regular cooking classes at her kitchen – from sourdough break breadmaking to

salsas, sauces and meats, Vicky can show you how to adapt chef techniques for a busy household.

See our upcoming workshops and classes below 


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