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Making Natural Skincare - Level 1

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Making Natural Skincare  - Level 1
Book directly with Mayca - Cosmetic Scientist, details below

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Dates: Saturday 29th June 2024
Time: 11AM to 2PM
Price: £75pp / 85 Euros
Place: 37a/2 Engineer Lane

Delighted to host our special guest.
This making natural skincare workshop is hosted by a professional qualified cosmetic formulator Mayca Fernandez Toscano

See below for workshop details

Mayca Fernandez Toscano 

Graduated in Advanced Cosmetic Science and Diploma in Nutrition and Food Science was the founder of Wapobeauty School, the 1st Natural Skincare in Ireland in 2014 . Mayca has 15 years experience in the natural skincare industry and she was the manufacturer manager in Yogandha oils in Dublin. Mayca has been empowering and assisting skincare entrepreneurs in their skincare business development in Dublin for the last 10 years. Many successful skincare brands in Ireland have attended courses and private training and consultations with Mayca . Several Irish newspapers have often written articles about Mayca's passionate initiative of teaching natural skincare formulation skills.

Book Now directly with Mayca: or WhatsApp +34711013083

Making Natural Skincare Workshop - Level 1


Suitable for absolute beginners to learn how to make anhydrous cosmetic products (oil based) from scratch. This is the perfect first step to take into the cosmetic making world.


We will use a range of beautiful natural and vegan ingredients such a plant oils, plant waxes, essential oils, to formulate the following:


*Juicy Face Cleanser Balm (multi functional product) can be used as moisturizer , lip balm, salve, cleansing product


*Face Elixir - Exquisite Natural oil booster to retain moist on your skin . This product will be customized to your personal skin type


This workshop will include plant oils chart , essential oil chart , essential oils chart with their skin benefits and safety percentages to create any oil based product in the future.


You will learn the theory of basic cosmetic science and formulation process to make a professional cosmetic product. Not only the to make the products in this workshop but to be able to formulate many other oil based cosmetics from scratch in your own home. You will gain the skill of formulating and making a professional standard beauty product regardless the product is aimed for personal use or to sell to the public.


Making natural skincare is a beautiful , creative, therapeutic, money-saving life skill that your skin and health will thank .


The participant takes the formula and products home to enjoy.


Ingredients, packaging, labelling and tools are included in the class.


You do not need to bring/buy anything.


This making natural skincare workshop is hosted by a professional qualified cosmetic formulator Mayca Fernandez Toscano


If you have any questions before reserving your spot please email or WhatsApp +34711013083


Hope to see you in the class!


Mayca Fernandez Toscano

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