Friday fun dining for two

After a hard working week and all stresses of current daily life, receive an nicely tied food box all items individually packed with straightforward instruction for reheating and/or assembling and enjoy with a glass of wine or three!!

                              Wholemeal soda bread with rosemary butter



                   Burnt aubergine and feta baked samosas with chili, tomato relish



                   Low and slow cooked mildly Indian spices leg of lamb, pulled and served              with plum chutney and crispy Persian rice, roast pumpkin wedges with sesame and                                            pomegranate herb salad



                  Almond, lemon and cardamom genoise with rose petal cream

                           £55 for two includes a bottle of red or white wine


                                        £25 per person excluding wine

                                   Delivery, at an additional agreed fee

                                    Average delivery £5 per destination

                                   Available from 22nd January 2021

                      Last orders by Wednesday 20th January 3pm by email

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